Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Soundtrack
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Soundtrack
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Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ opens a dark and terrifying new chapter in the ongoing conflict over the mortal realm of Sanctuary, from the legendary city of Westmarch to the unhallowed halls of the Pandemonium Fortress.

Malthael, the fallen archangel of Wisdom, abandoned his seat on the Angiris Council some twenty years ago, after the Worldstone was destroyed. In Reaper of Souls, he returns as the Angel of Death and seizes the Black Soulstone, which contains the essence of the Prime Evil. It now falls to the heroic nephalem to track down Malthael and stop him before he unleashes irreversible havoc on the world.

Relive your struggles between good and evil over and over with the soundtrack, crafted from the most macabre and melodious of the game's musical moments.

Our musical journey began with the recording of a single violin, searching for music that would embody a personal quest, the commitment the hero was to undertake in Reaper of Souls. The score shifts from intimate to expansive and back again. Moving forward from the previous chapter, Diablo's orchestral music moves as well, from the concert hall to the church: a deconsecrated church. The orchestral forces were arranged around the altar in a centuries-old formation, and the singers were divided into two small choirs, on opposite sides, facing one another. It was there that the glacial crescendos and martial melodies, from the cacophonous to the consonant, were born, guided singularly by the conductor's baton.

Reaching out towards the musical unknown required the most contemporary forms of musical notation in recent times. The symbols looked only vaguely familiar on the page, and more akin to Horadric runes than to conventional music. Yet they coaxed from the musicians a predictable and intended chaos. Aleatoric, yet controlled. Atonal, yet melodic. The Diablo orchestra, shadowed by ghostly reverbs and twisted reflections, wove the music that can only come from the world of the nephalem. From the most intimate and solitary moment to the full orchestra and choir joined together, the music in this new chapter of conflict serves to both inspire and horrify, immerse and repel. This latest score captures the darkness and light of humanity, and so the music is rooted in both the sacred and profane. It is a testament to contradiction. A melodic manifesto of paradox.
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Composers: Derek Duke, Neal Acree, Joseph Lawrence, Russell Brower, Glenn Stafford, Jason Hayes

Score Performed by:Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra

Conducted by: Eímear Noone

Contractor: Simon James & David Sabee

Violins: Anait Arutunian, Jennifer Bai, Blayne Barnes, Eugene Bazhanov, Natasha Bazhanov, Kwan Bin, Brittany Boulding, Kathleen Boyer, Steve Bryant (Principal Second), Linda Cole, Tom Dziekonski, Kelly Farris, Xiao-Po Fei, Gennady Filimonov, Brian Fox, Artur Girsky, Amy Gudorf, Kim Houglum, Simon James (Concertmaster), John Kim, Helena Krimsky, Leah Nelson, Victoria Parker, Cecilia Poellein, Mikhail Shmidt, Clark Story, Marjorie Talvi, Jeannie Wells-Yablonsky, Kim Zabelle, Arthur Zadinsky

Violas: Timothy Betts, Suejane Bryant, Steve Creswell, Wes Dyring, Joseph Gottesman (Co-Principal Viola), Allison Kantor, Sayaka Kokubo, Shari Link, Scott Ligocki, (Co-Principal Viola), Andrea Schuler, Rachel Swerdlow, Julie Whitton

Celli: Andrea Chandler, Roberta Downey, Virginia Dziekonski, Richard Eckert, Eric Gaenslen (Co-Principal Cello), Walter Gray (Co-Principal Cello), Rowena Hammill, Eric Han, Charles Jacot, Kevin Krentz, Rajan Krishnaswami, Karissa Zadinsky

Basses: Jonathan Burnstein (Co-Principal Bass), Maury Clubb, Jennifer Godfrey (Co-Principal), Travis Gore, Brian Johnson, Todd Larsen, Brian Loeb, Matt McGrath, Moriah Neils, Stephen Swanson

Flutes: Robin Carlson Perry (Co-Principal Flute), Erin James (Co-Principal Flute), Alicia Suarez, Susan Telford

Oboes: Jessica Boelter, Stefan Farkas (Principal English Horn), Brent Hages, Dan Williams (Principal Oboe)

Clarinets: Jay Easton (Bass and Contra-Alto Clarinet), Frank Kowalsky (Principal Clarinet), Denise Lum (Bass Clarinet), Jennifer Nelson (Bass Clarinet), Sean Osborn

Bassoons: Mona Butler (Contra Bassoon), Mike Gamburg (Principal Contra Bassoon), Seth Krimsky (Principal Bassoon), Francine Peterson (Contra Bassoon), Paul Rafanelli

French Horns: Joseph Berger, Rodger Burnett, Oliver DeClerq, Jeff Fair (Co-Principal Horn), Bruce Hudson, Lawrence Johnson, Danielle Kuhlmann, Mark Robbins (Co-Principal Horn)

Trumpets: Anthony DiLorenzo (Co-Principal Trumpet), David Gordon, Vince Green, Adam Luftman, Allen Vizzutti (Principal Trumpet), Alexander White

Trombones: Carson Keeble, Joseph Peterson, Sam Schlosser, Ko-ichiro Yamamoto (Principal Trombone)

Bass Trombones: Pat Herb, Rudi Hoehn

Tuba/Cimbasso: Chris Olka

Percussion: Matt Drumm, Gunnar Folsom, Paul Hansen, Matthew Kocmieroski, Rob Tucker (Principal Tympani/Percussion)

Harp: John Carrington

Piano: Kimberly Russ

Sopranos: Kelsie Bahr, Julianna Emanski, Kim Giordano, Cathy Haight, Sharon L. Jarnigan, Alexa Jarvis, Jennifer Kaiton, Lisa Pontén

Altos: Jaci Cummings, Jennifer Ivester, Mary Jo Dugaw, Amanda Kunz, Linda Sabee, Deborah Stephens, Melanie Stevens, Kathryn Tewson, Katie Weld

Tenors: Joel Cummings, Jeff Dubois, Brian Giebler, Christian Kunz, Anton du Preez, John Porter, Martin Puryear, Jordan Smith

Basses: Thomas Adams, David Gary, Rob Klien, Ben Kromholtz, Kelly Kunz, John Lowrie, Craig Schell, Jim Synder

Orchestration: M.W Alexander, Penka Kouneva, Derek Duke

Score Copy and Prep Services: Robert Puff, RPM Seattle Music Preparation

Live Sessions and Orchestration Produced By: Edo Guidotti

Scoring Mixer: John Kurlander

Score Recorded at: The Bastyr Chapel

Soundtrack Mastering: Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

Production Support: Caroline Hernandez, Joel Taubel

Talent Relations: Andrea Toyias, Tina T. Nguyen

Soundtrack Producer: Derek Duke

With Special Thanks to: Giulia, Finn and Liam Lawrence, Susan, Ethan, Quinn, Aaron and Eleanor Stafford. Tiffany, Taylor, Kate, and Bronte Hayes. Margarita Kravets, Joellyn and David Acree, SEA Flute, Howard J. Brower, Jr., Carol Passon, Susan Schuck, Yuliya, Jasper, and Esme Sylvanas Duke, Erika Sayre-Smith, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, Kevin Crook, Lynda Do, Caroline Hernandez, Joel Taubel, Dennis Crabtree, Keith Landes, Lucas Merino, Evelyn Fredericksen, Chris Metzen, Brian Kindregan, Marc Messenger, Team 3 Core Leads, Rob Pardo, Frank Pearce, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams and the entire Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department.