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Blizzard Right to Delete

    Blizzard Entertainment
    1 Blizzard Way
    Irvine, CA 92677
    December 12, 2019

    Dear Blizzard Entertainment:

    I am filling and submitting this form to initialize the process for Right to Delete. In addition, I have included a copy of my government issued ID to confirm my identity.

    First Name: _____________________________________  
    Last Name: _____________________________________  
    Email Address: _____________________________________  
    State of Residence: _____________________________________

    I am connected to Blizzard Entertainment through one of the following categories:

    Please select one:

    ☐ Game Data

    ☐ Other (We, Data Protection, will follow up with you in correspondence to better understand the other type of data you are looking for)

    By signing the below, I confirm the above information is accurate and am requesting Blizzard Entertainment to have my data be prepared for portability.  

    First Name and Last Name
    First Name and Last Name

    Important Note: If you want an immediate response and swift process to complete your request, in order to avoid possible delays in US mail correspondence, please attach this form in an email to