Diablo III: Haunted Sounds of Sanctuary
Diablo III: Haunted Sounds of Sanctuary
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I don't believe there has ever been a town as cursed as Tristram. Corruption has always seethed beneath its placid exterior. Jered Cain and the Horadrim sealed its fate when they hid Diablo's Soulstone within its caves – and we have dearly paid the price.
Festering Woods
Spider Caves
Halls of Agony
Death and sorrow have rained down upon the city known as the jewel of the east. Ruled by a child king, its citizens cry out for a savior to deliver them from the madness gripping its thoroughfares and byways. I will find no solace here.
Bastions Keep
If rumors are to be believed, this fortress is our final hope. They say a demonic invasion is coming and that the Keep is all that stands between it and civilization. If the soldiers of the Keep can’t stop them, nothing will. I pray for all our souls.
Rakkis Crossing
Arreat Crater
Silver Spire
Few will believe I have seen the Heavens with my own eyes. Fewer yet would believe the destruction I have witnessed there. We all thought if we won at Bastion's Keep, we would be safe. We were sadly mistaken. The screams of dying angels will haunt me forever.d
I feel my mind slipping from me. All is now truly lost. Westmarch is overrun with angels dedicated to eradicating humanity. Angels! Mankind is truly alone in our struggle. There is no one to save us.
The Labyrinth
It is all too much. I don’t know where I am, and screams that may be mine echo from unseen walls. If you find this, hide yourself away for the sake of all that is holy! Don’t follow my path; it leads only to unrelenting pain and horror. Save yourself if you can.
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Throughout my times I have borne witness to many things, but it is the dissonant melodies of this world that truly haunt me. The suffering of Tristram, the tragedy of Westmarch, the despair of the Silver Spire. Each realm vibrates with its own threatening sounds that, once heard, can never be forgotten. They still torment me as I lay awake at night, thinking of the lives lost and the heroes who fell. The weak could not withstand this aural assault lest they be driven to the brink of madness, as I was.

Welcome to the Haunted Sounds of Sanctuary. This collection encompasses the ominous moods of the world of Diablo. Listening to these soundscapes will evoke the unsettling atmosphere of a world under constant threat of destruction. This is no compilation of nursery rhymes, and is not for the faint of heart. You have been warned. Stay awhile and enjoy the misery of the Haunted Sounds of Sanctuary – if you dare.

A Warning to the Listener: I have witnessed a great many things in my time, but none as haunting as the dissonant melodies of this world. The suffering of Tristram, the tragedy of Westmarch, the despair of the Silver Spire. Each realm vibrates with its own threatening sounds that, once heard, can never be forgotten. The sounds you are about to hear were collected at great personal cost to the mage who magically preserved them. So beware – even the strong of will may be driven to madness, as he was, by the aural assault contained within.

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Sound Design:Evan Chen, Chris De La Pena, David Farmer, Kris Giampa, Michael Johnson, Scott Lawlor, Joseph Lawrence, Jonas Laster, Paul Menichini, Lawrence Peacock, David Rovin, Peter Steinbach, JP Walton

Composers:Neal Acree, Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Edo Guidotti, Jason Hayes, Joseph Lawrence, Glenn Stafford

Lead Sound Editor:JP Walton

Project Music Director:Derek Duke

Album production coordination by Caroline Hernandez

Album mastering at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Album Produced by Joseph Lawrence

Concept Art: Victor Lee

With special thanks to:Chris Amaral, Jerry Chu, Leonard Boyarsky, Brian Kindregan, Lyndsey Koehler, Erika Sayre-Smith, Ken Morse, Joel Taubel, David Seeholzer, Dennis Crabtree, The Diablo Team Core Leads, Keoni and Bodie Chen, Mom and Victoria Au, Bree Maldonado, Russell Brower, Matthew Beecher, Chris Metzen, Mike Ryder, Frank Pearce, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams and the entire Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department.