Dance Contest at gamescom 2012 — Rules
Dance Contest at gamescom 2012 — Rules

Article 1: The Company Blizzard Entertainment Europe S.A.S, which head 145, rue Yves le Coz, 78000 Versailles, France, and operating under the commercial name of Blizzard (“Blizzard”) is organizing a competition (the “Competition”) which final will take place during “Gamescom 2012” exhibition on the 19th of August 2012 being held at Halle 6.1 (B21 & C30) at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany (the “Event”) with a limitation of twenty-four (24) participants.

Article 2: The Competition is opened to individuals aged 13 or more (minors under 18 must have parental authorization – presence of the parent is required during the contest) who have purchased a ticket for the Event, except Blizzard’s personnel and their family, affiliates or business partners (“Entrants” or “Entrant”).

Article 3: Entrants automatically accept the Terms and acknowledge the fact that this Competition being organized by a French company, the Competition is governed by French law.

Article 4: Failure to observe the Terms stated here will lead to the nullification of the participation.

Article 5: Only one entry per household will be accepted (same name, same address).

Article 6: In order to participate to the Competition Entrants have to show up during the Event to the local Dance contest registration desk. The first twenty-four (24) entrants will be registered as participants.

Entrants may pre-register for the Competition by sending an email to the email address “” before the 18th of August, 2012, 12:00 pm (CEST). The first twenty-four (24) entrants who pre-register online will receive confirmation of their registration on the waiting list, and they will be required to ’check in’ at the dedicated booth between 9h00 and 15h00, on August 19th 2011 to confirm that they are in attendance at the Event. After 15h00, Blizzard reserves the right to take additional Entrants who have been placed on a waiting list to fill the spots of those "online" Entrants that did not check in with the Information Booth to confirm their attendance by 15h00, on August 19th 2011, up to a maximum of twenty-four (24) qualified Entrants for the Competition.

The cost of the telephone communication necessary to the entry will be refunded on written request sent to: Blizzard Entertainment, TSA 60001 78008 Versailles CEDEX France. The request should legibly bear mention of the competition, the first name, last name and details of the entrant asking for a refund. Communication will be paid back up to €0.50.

It is understood that ticket to the Event shall not be reimbursed or paid by Blizzard, and that this Competition is opened for participation to individuals willing to attend the Event, and should not be considered an incentive to attend.

Article 7: Aim of the competition.
At the commencement of the Competition, which shall be at approximately TBC 4:00 p.m., each qualified Entrant shall perform a “dance” based upon the dance moves exhibited by characters from Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” interactive game. Sponsor shall choose the winners based on the qualified Entrant’s dance presentation, and the similarity of the qualified Entrant’s dance to the character dance moves exhibited by the World of Warcraft characters.

A jury composed of Blizzard developers will decide the winners on grounds of the dance presentation, and the similarity of the qualified Entrant’s dance to the character dance moves exhibited by the World of Warcraft characters. The winners will be announced during the Competition ceremony awards. The decision of Blizzard is final. To claim a prize, winners should follow the instructions provided to them by Blizzard.

Article 8: The Winner selected amongst the 24 Contest finalists will be awarded the following prize:

  • 1 SteelSeries D3 mouse — value 69.99 €
  • 1 SteelSeries D3 headset — value 119.99 €
  • 1 7G keyboard (DE layout) — value 129.99 €
  • 1 QcK D3 mouse pad — value 14.99 €
  • 1 Megabloks Goblin Zeppelin Ambush — value ~70 €
  • 1 Nvidia GTX 6 Series card — value 400 €
Article 9: Resale of the prize is forbidden. No exchange of the prize worth against money, another prize, object or service different from a prize eventually won by an Entrant will be accepted.

Article 10: The details of each Entrant (name and e-mail address) will be collected during the Competition according to the « Informatique et Libertés » law, of the 6th of January 1978 and its later amendments, and according to the European directive number 95/46/CE.

Each Entrant grants Blizzard permission to use the information he is providing within the framework set by the« Informatique et Libertés » law of the 6th of January 1978. Each Entrant benefits from the right to access and modify his personal data.

Article 11: In case of litigation, only tribunals in the country of physical residence of the head office of the organizing company will have jurisdiction.

Article 12: Responsibility
In case of circumstances outside Blizzard’s control, in a fortuitous case, or under exceptional circumstances (fire, flood, natural disaster, malevolent intrusion in the IT system, strike, jeopardize of the financial and technical viability of the competition etc.), even in the case of its own responsibility (subject to its good faith), Blizzard retains the right to cancel the whole or part of the Competition. The present Competition will be cancelled in case circumstances outside Blizzard’s control, without the Entrants or a Winner being able to claim any form of compensation. Blizzard retains the right to exclude entry to the present Competition any individual having cheated, deceived, faked or disturbed the operations stated in this Terms. Blizzard retains the right to sue any individual having cheated, deceived, faked or disturbed the operations stated in this Terms, or tried to do so. A Winner having disturbed the Competition in any of the ways described in the present Terms will be rightfully denied the right to claim any prize. Any addition or amendment to these Terms will be announced on the Internet. They will be considered appendices to the present Terms.

Article 13: Grant of license
By submitting the photographs, Entrants hereby grant to Blizzard, a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free license for the duration of the protection usually granted to authors by laws and convention on copyright to: display and reproduce the photographs which Entrants are submitting to Blizzard in association with Blizzard’s Competition on its websites (“Licensed Materials”), including, but not limited to and, for commercial, business, and trade purposes, as well as for advertising and/or publicity purposes. Additionally, Entrants hereby agree and acknowledge that Blizzard may, in its sole discretion, display the Licensed Material, in whole or in part, distorted in character or form, on its website/s.

Article 14: Image authorization
Blizzard is allowed to reproduce and use your full name, country of residence, age, personal photograph, Competition participation video and picture footage and interview (hereinafter « the Elements »). You hereby authorizes Blizzard to reproduce, to digitize, to adapt, to diffuse, to represent and to communicate the Elements on any communication medium relative to the Blizzard’s Products (the “Product”) as:
  • Press releases, press conferences and press Kits (audio and visual) of the Product by Blizzard relatively to its communication with the general and specialized (multimedia editions, general public computer science, family dedicated newspapers) press, provided that the Elements shall be reproduced and communicated in whole or in part by the aforementioned press.
  • Websites owned or maintained by Blizzard.
The authorization hereby granted is free of charge, worldwide and for an undetermined term (or at least for the exploitation term of the Product and of the range to which it belongs). It is expressly understood that Blizzard shall not use make use of any of your eventual observation and image in a manner that could harm your reputation.