World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
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The Shattering
The 7/4 opening march, familiar to each version of World of Warcraft, has been somewhat disrupted by the Cataclysm, its pulse momentarily shattered by images of Azeroth’s primordial core and Deathwing’s fury. Hope, honor, and glory rally, however, bringing about an overture celebrating the many experiences awaiting players.
This is the score of Cataclysm’s opening cinematic. As the Twilight’s Hammer completes the elementium armor to hold Deathwing’s dragon form intact against his internal epic fury, the maddened Aspect also known as Xaxas rises up and takes wing, sundering all.
Tempest's Wake
These are scenes of Azeroth after the shattering. Beauty still shows a spark of life, despite the widespread chaos and destruction. Those who dwell in the Arathi Highlands and the Western Plaguelands are already rebuilding, facing down those forces which would oppose bringing the land back to life.
Depths of Vashj'ir
Xaxas' destructive reentry into Azeroth has revealed the water elementals’ domain, along with an ancient and ghostly city of the naga, where old conflicts are replayed by the spirits of those creatures that have gone before.
Goblins are one of the new races introduced in Cataclysm. This score is inspired by the tale of their escape from impending slavery under Trade Prince Gallywix, and their journey from the Lost Isles to the fellowship of the Horde.
Thrall, the warchief of the Horde, swapped his armor for the modest robe of a shaman and departed for the Maelstrom, where he will seek communion with the elementals on behalf of a troubled Azeroth. During his absence, he left Garrosh Hellscream in charge. As acting warchief, Garrosh immediately began reforging the Horde in his own image.
Restoring the Balance
The very nature of all living things in Azeroth has been affected by Xaxas' reemergence. Even the trees, especially the grand World Trees, have grown ill. The druids of all races lend their aid, attempting to bring about a return to health for these wise groves of ancients.
Curse of the Worgen
Once seemingly forever bound to their wolf-like form, the worgen of Gilneas have altered their destiny so that they can retain their sanity even while transformed. A haunting melody, painted in colors of another era, sings of their experience and acceptance into the Alliance.
Defenders of Azeroth
Their once-lonely outposts on Kalimdor now under constant attack, and their mighty cities and keeps on both continents ravaged by the Cataclysm, the spirit of the Alliance remains strong, if now darkened by new conflict with the Horde and the horror of Deathwing’s fury.
The Twilight Highlands was once one of most beautiful places in Azeroth. Now under control of the black dragonflight and infested with the Twilight’s Hammer, it is a land of shadows and fear.
Thaurrisan's Reach
With the tragic loss of Magni Bronzebeard, a contingent of Dark Irons have taken up residence in Ironforge, bringing about a new order that threatens to shake up the Alliance from within.
Another new land revealed in the wake of the shattering—Uldum—seems to hold the keys to unlock more of the titans’ secrets. Are these merely the remains of an epic, lost civilization, or does a more sinister purpose lie beneath?
Breath of Al'Akir
The citadels of the Skywall float high in the clouds above Uldum. This Throne of the Four Winds is, in fact, a prison to which the titans banished the air elementals long ago.
Call of the Elements
Shaman, such as those among the noble tauren, have always enjoyed a connection with the earth and their ancestors. Now, in the time after the Cataclysm, each shaman reaches out for answers and wisdom regarding the very health of the earth beneath their feet.
Guardians of Nordrassil
The mighty World Tree stands above the second Well of Eternity to limit and purify its energies. This made the tree a target for the Burning Legion and the Scourge, who attacked Mount Hyjal in an attempt to destroy it. Night elves, humans, and three dragonflights now steadfastly guard Nordrassil against future attacks.
Dominion of the Stonemother
Deep in the heart of the Maelstrom lies Deepholm, realm of the earth elementals. Here, remnants of the great suffering caused by Deathwing’s ascent are apparent amongst the living earth, stones, and gems.
This ancient night elf folksong celebrates the glory of Elune and asks for a blessing upon Nordrassil, crown of the heavens.
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Total Duration: 01:17:49
Total: 17 Songs
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Without warning, Deathwing the Destroyer has emerged from the bowels of Deepholm in the Elemental Plane, unleashing a wave of destruction that has changed Azeroth forever. As the Horde and the Alliance strive to persevere, increasing hostilities between the two factions threaten to leave the world vulnerable to Deathwing's schemes.

This soundtrack's broad spectrum of melodies embodies Azeroth's uncertain future: the dire rumblings of war; the tortured lamentations of a world under siege; and the faint murmurs of hope that endure within Azeroth's brave heroes, urging them to act before Deathwing's shadow engulfs all.

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Featured Musicians: Vocal Solo by Laurie Ann Haus

Flute Solo by: Susan Craig Winsberg

Live Sessions, Accordions and Orchestrations produced by: Edo Guidotti

"The Shattering" and "Xaxas" recorded by: the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra and Chorus

Contracted by: Simon James & David Sabee

Orchestra recorded by: John Kurlander

Orchestral sub-mixes by: John Rodd and John Kurlander

Sound Design: Brian David Farr, Paul Menichini, Kris Giampa, Jeff Schmidt

Album Produced by: Russell Brower

With special thanks to:Edo and Shelly Guidotti, Denise Dohr, Tina, Margaret and Karen Brower, Yuliya and Jasper Duke, Shyshkin and Duke Families, Bob and Kay Gates, Smt. Jahnavi Jayaprakash, Margarita Kravets, Joellyn and David Acree, Penka Kouneva, Aaron, Ethan, Quinn and Susan Stafford, Thomas Pieracci, Keith Landes, Jay Maguire, Dennis Crabtree, Andrea Toyias, Kevin Crook, Lynda Do, Joeyray Hall, Chris Metzen, Matt Samia, Frank Pearce, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams and the entire Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department

We would especially like to extend our appreciation and love to all in our family of wonderful and cherished musicians--- Thank you!!!