StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
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The protoss of Aiur have fled their infested homeworld to live among their former enemies, the dark templar. Even so, the ancient hatred between the factions still runs deep. Struggling to unify them, their young ruler, Artanis, hopes to reclaim Aiur. Yet a far greater threat looms. The dark god known as Amon has arisen, and with his ascension, the galaxy teeters on the brink of destruction.

Delve into the mysteries of the protoss with this richly varied soundtrack. Lyrical harp and woodwind melodies evoke hope, loss, and bittersweet yearning for home. Adrenaline-fueled brass and drums sound a clarion call to arms. The protoss face annihilation, and if they fall, the galaxy falls with them.

From the Composer...
The first game I worked on at Blizzard Entertainment was the original StarCraft in 1998, and the first piece of music I wrote for StarCraft was the "Protoss Briefing Room" theme that would play while a player received instructions about an upcoming mission. I distinctly remember being inspired by the enigmatic protoss race, with its wondrous advanced technology and the ability to communicate through telepathy. Most of my earliest efforts at Blizzard were centered on the story of the protoss, so it has been a thrill to come full circle with this gripping conclusion to the epic StarCraft II trilogy, Legacy of the Void, which focuses on the protoss.

Although they are alien to us in many ways, they have always felt spiritual to me, both in the way they can experience each other's emotions, and also in their high ideals and sense of honor. With that spirituality in mind, we gravitated toward the lyrical use of choir to suggest the beauty and harmony of the connection that protoss can share through the Khala. We also featured tubular bells, which have a legacy of being used in church towers, and we incorporated synthesizers to denote the protoss' highly evolved engineering. Additional ethnic wind solos were performed by Pedro Eustache. Finally, to tie it all together and add emotional depth and power, we recorded an exquisite 86-piece orchestra.

With this soundtrack Mike Patti, Neal Acree, Glenn Stafford, and I have attempted to capture the evocative and mysterious nature of the protoss while expressing the game's dramatic story. In Legacy the protoss make their final stand against an insidious evil, fighting to hold onto an increasingly desperate hope: that one day they might return to a glorious time when protoss culture shined like a constellation. In the midst of this struggle, they must embark on a journey to discover their true nature. We hope you enjoy the music.

Jason Hayes
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Composers: Jason Hayes, Mike Patti, Neal Acree, Glenn Stafford

Additional Music: Cris Velasco, Jason Hayes

Featured Musicians: Ethnic Flutes and [other instruments] performed by Pedro Eustache
Stargazer performed by Diego Stocco

Vocal soloists: Laurie Ann Haus

Orchestrations produced by: Edo Guidotti

Orchestration by: M.W. Alexander and Penka Kouneva

Score copy and prep services: RPM Seattle Music Preparation

Conducted by: Eímear Noone

Score mixing by: Nicholai Baxter & John Kurlander

Album production coordination by: Caroline Hernandez, Colton Carmine, Paul Hatfield

Talent Relations: Andrea Toyias, Michael Roache

Album mastering at: Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Tiffany, Taylor, Kate, and Bronte Hayes, Lynne, Emma, Noah, and Luke Patti , Susan, Ethan, Quinn, and Aaron Stafford, Margarita Kravets, Joellyn Acree and in loving memory of David Acree. The devoted team at Pacific Coast Presentations: Shelly Guidotti, Ciera Figge, Thalia Partida, Dennis Booher and Rhubarb, Hazel Kurlander, Erika Sayre-Smith, Patricia Sullivan, David Seeholzer, Jay Maguire, Keith Landes, Dennis Crabtree, Joel Taubel, Lyndsey Koehler, Rhonda Cox, Paul Hatfield, Tony Blackwell, Carlos Almeida, Andrea Toyias, Michael Roache, Kevin Crook, Lynda Do, Chris Metzen, Mike Ryder, Frank Pearce, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams and the entire Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department.

We would especially like to extend our appreciation and love to all in our family of wonderful and cherished musicians and vocalists. Thank you!!!