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Two alien races - the psionic protoss and the bestial zerg - clash in the Koprulu sector, throwing it into chaos. Caught in the crossfire, terrans fight for their lives, and a rebel named Arcturus Mengsk ascends to power. His ruthless tactics ultimately give rise to two of his greatest enemies: former marshal James Raynor and the deadly Queen of Blades. As losses escalate among terrans and protoss alike, there may soon be no one left to hold back the Swarm's advance. This is the music of war, betrayal, and loss. This is the music of Starcraft.

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Music by Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke & Jason Hayes

Album Production: Russell Brower

Music recorded and mixed at Blizzard Entertainment

Opening of "First Contact" composed by Matt Samia and performed by Big Tuna

Special thanks to Mike Morhaime, the Blizzard Sound Departments past and present, and Starcraft players everywhere.