Tours FAQ
Tours FAQ
Who can sign up for a tour?
Tours are open to the general public only. If you are a journalist or a charitable organization, please use the contacts below:
I have a group that's interested in a tour, what should I do?

You can sign up for yourself and one guest. We are working to keep tours limited to small groups and are not taking group requests to give as many people the opportunity to experience a tour. That having been said, if your group is small (e.g. families), we will do our best to find a spot that best fits your group. Please be sure to identify your group name if you are going to take this route.

How often will you be doing tours?

Tours are typically scheduled for the end of the month. Spots are limited and booked months in advance, so we recommend signing up on the waitlist for more information on availability and dates.

What will I be able to see on the tour?

We look forward to showing you around to a variety of areas on campus, including the Blizzard museum, theater, library, and other common areas, and sharing some interesting facts about the company along the way. Because these tours will occur during normal working hours, we won’t be able to take tours through areas in which our development teams are hard at work.

Will we get to meet any of the developers?

You may get a chance to see some of them in their natural habitat as they roam from building to building, but it’s important that we not disturb them lest we break their razor-sharp focus on getting new content and new games out the door.

Where is Blizzard HQ located? How do I get there?

Blizzard HQ is located in the city of Irvine in sunny Southern California. We’ll provide directions to tour attendees.

What if I want to visit one of the other Blizzard offices around the world?

At this time we’re only able to offer tours for Blizzard HQ in Irvine, Calif. In the event that we’ll be able to open up tours for our other locations, we’ll share the news with everyone.

How do I register for the tour?

To register for the upcoming tour, please send an email to, with your full name as shown on your ID, E-mail address, age and preferred tour date.

How will I know if I made the tour?

We’ll send an email confirmation with additional information. If you don’t receive an email before the tour date, well, we’re afraid that that can mean only one thing.

If I make the tour, what do I need to bring? When should I show up? What should I do?

All will be revealed in time.

Is there a fee to participate in a tour?

No. All Blizzard tours are free of charge.

I have a non-tours related question. Can you help?

Unfortunately, Blizzard Tours is not equipped to handle non-tours related questions.